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This Colt New Army Revolver Model of M1903 was Sold to the United States Government and shipped to the Commanding Officer at Springfield Armory of Springfield, Massachusetts on May 3rd, 1904 in a 700 gun shipment. Special features mention that it was furnished with a lanyard swivel. The bore diameter was decreased from .363 inch to .375 inch to increase accuracy. This was also would then allow the revolver to shoot the more powerful S&W 38 Special Cartridge as well as the original 38 long colt. The Model 1903 Revolver was an an evolution of the M1892 DA revolver. It would eventually be replaced by the M1909 DA New Service revolver. It is reported that 12,500 were delivered to Springfield Armory. Accompanying this revolver is the holster, cartridge case as well as a belt. The left side of the frame has "J.E.H." and "K.S.M." as well as the date 1904. J.E.H. is found on the left side of the frame and was the mark of Captain Jay E. Hoffer - Inspector of Contract Arms, Colt revolvers and Colt Gatling guns. Oct. 31, 1903 to Mar. 6, 1906. Commanding Officer at Springfield Armory from Mar. 15, 1918 to Sept. 16th, 1918. Retired as a Colonel on Jan. 1919. KSM on the left side is for Kelly S. Morse. Morse is listed as an inspector of Winchester M1895 Rifles, Smith & Wesson M1899 38 Revolvers, Colt Model 1903 Revolvers, Colt M1911's and Gatling Guns 1893-1915. Have one like this to sell?

Très beau revolver Colt New Army 1903.
Beau bronzage uniforme avec une légère patine, très belle plaquettes de crosse Colt avec logo.
Très bonne mecanique pas de jeu à l'armé ni à l'abattu comme toujours sur ces Colt militaires.
Canon et chambres miroir.
Vendu avec son PV de St Étienne .
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